Your privacy and APSE

APSE takes your privacy seriously. We collect the least amount of data possible to provide our services. We promise not to sell or share your data with anyone else, except to perform tasks required for the app to function.

The website and APSE desktop application both need some information to function:

The website

  • IP address: this is needed to serve users accessing the website, and monitor usage of the website.
  • Email address: if you sign up for APSE, we store your email to allow you to log in.
  • Cookies: if you log in, uses a cookie to keep track of your user session.
  • Billing information: if you sign up for a subscription, your email and payment information are sent directly from your browser to our payment processor, Stripe. Payment information is not stored by the website. Stripe may also use cookies or store your IP address.

Stripe is the only third party shares information with. We do not use third party tracking, third party cookies, or advertising on the website.

The APSE application

The APSE desktop application stores data on your computer. It can store screenshots of your desktop, images, PDFs, or text documents you import.

When you sign up for APSE, you receive an activation code. The desktop application sends that code to the website, to verify your subscription is current. That activation code and the IP address are stored to monitor for abuse. This information is not shared with any third party. If you prefer to avoid this activation, contact support.