About APSE

What is Apse?

Apse is short for A Personal Search Engine. It runs on your computer, and keeps track of what you see on your screen.

Apse lets you search for anything you've seen on your computer, so you won't ever lose something again.

Who's behind APSE?

Apse is made by Ryan Fox.

Why did you build APSE?

I built a search engine because I forget things All. The. Time.

Come on Google, I've looked up this exact thing, why can't you find it for me?

On top of that, big search engines collect every scrap of your data they can get their hands on.

So I built Apse to do 3 things:

  1. Be a universal search interface,
  2. With relevant results, and
  3. Respect users' privacy

And that's what it does today! It's really useful to me - I made the thing, and it still surprises me how well it works. And the more you're on your computer, the more it can help you.

apse screenshot

Who is Apse for?

I am a software developer, so I am glued to a screen all day. I also look at a lot of things online - documentation, email, chat, source code, research papers, you name it.

I originally built Apse to scratch my own itch, so if you're a software developer or data scientist it will be useful to you too.

It's also good for anyone who needs to recall old information: consultants, tech workers, project managers, researchers, students, recruiters, or anyone else who has ever cursed a search engine for being unable to find something.

Where can I find out more?

Are you using Apse for something different? Have any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me an email here. I read them all myself, and will respond to you as soon as I can. If Apse sounds useful, you can get it now:

Get Apse

Here are some reason why I think Apse is great:
Fully customizable: you are in control of how often snapshots are taken, how long they're stored, which screens to archive, and more.
Offline search: Apse doesn't require an internet connection, and doesn't send any data to the cloud. It works online or off.
No ads: with Apse, there are no ads and no tracking. Your data is never collected to begin with.
Go incognito: Snapshots can be paused at any time with the click of a button. Apse waits patiently until you want to go back on the record.
Accidentally snapshot something you didn't want? Easily delete a single snapshot or time range. Apse can also automatically delete snapshots after a set time.
Dark-theme friendly: standard text extraction algorithms struggle with dark backgrounds. Apse has an intelligent algorithm to process those areas separately, so your work gets recorded no matter what shade you like your windows.
Fuzzy searching: Apse gives spellcheck suggestions. Did you mean...?
Take snapshots from the comfort of your browser! Apse has an official Firefox extension that lets you take snapshots without getting the Apse window in the way.