How It Works

Apse runs in the background on your computer. It periodically snapshots your screen and extracts the text it finds.

Extracted text and a screenshot get archived in Apse's search index. You can query Apse just like any other search engine. Apse shows you what you were looking at and when you were looking at it. Even if the original is deleted.

Designed for tech professionals and power users

Apse is perfect for people who work with computers. Whether you are searching in documents on your machine, email drafts, web history, or source code, Apse's fuzzy search finds things other search engines can't.

apse screenshot
apse screenshot

Privacy First

Apse respects your privacy. Apse won't track you or sell your data - your data isn't collected in the first place.

Apse runs locally, on your computer. There is no cloud storage, so your private data stays private. You control what data to keep or delete, forever.


Apse runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Works with laptops or desktops. Apse is compatible with multi-monitor setups too!