Search for modern users

Apse is a search engine that's different: it runs on your computer. It's full-text search for everything you do: email, web content, documents, and anything else you use your computer for, all in one location.

Apse remembers everything you see, so you can search old versions of documents, deleted content online, or see changes over time.

Where did I see that? Even if you only remember a word or phrase from what you are looking for, Apse has you covered.

How It Works

Apse runs in the background on your computer. You work normally, and it captures all the text on your screen.

Apse stores that text in your search index. Now you have a full-text record of everything you've seen. You can keep it as long or as short as you like.


Apse works on desktop and laptop computers. These operating systems are supported:

Windows 10

Privacy First

Apse respects your privacy. Unlike free search engines where you are the product, Apse doesn't have ads, and won't track you. Your data is not for sale - it's never collected in the first place.

Apse doesn't use the cloud, so your private data stays private. You control what data to keep or delete, forever.