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A Personal Search Engine

Search anything you view on the web or your computer. APSE is A Personal Search Engine for your computing life.

APSE is different from other search engines

APSE runs on your computer. Add images, documents, or text, and it takes care of the rest. Or enable auto-snapshots and have APSE automatically capture screenshots as you work.

Relevant To You

APSE only captures what you want it to. No wading through spam and irrelevant results.

One-Stop Shop

Where did I see that? APSE searches everything. Messages, web content, local files, and more - all in one spot.

Privacy First

No tracking, no cloud, no ads. Your data stays on your computer.

Any website, any file, any format

Add PDFs, images, or text-based files to your index for recall later.

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APSE extracts text from images to find things Google can't - files, email, chats, video, social media...

Fully Customizable

You control what to capture, how often, what to retain, for how long.

Advanced Search

Search for exact phrases, optional keywords, date ranges, or wildcards.

Go incognito

Snapshots can be paused or restarted with the click of a button. Snapshots can be manually triggered if that's more your style.


Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Firefox support

Apse works with any browser, but the official Firefox extension lets you manually capture snapshots from Firefox.


Get a search engine that serves you

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