Apse Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apse?

Apse is A Personal Search Engine. It runs on your computer, and keeps track of what you see on your screen.

Apse lets you search for anything you've seen on your computer, so you won't ever lose something again.

Is Apse secure?

Apse doesn't send any data to the cloud or track you in any way. Your data isn't for sale, and can't be leaked or lost - it is never collected in the first place.

How much storage does it use?

It depends. Screen resolution and multiple monitors affect how much storage an image takes. For a general guideline, if you have a 1080p monitor and run it nonstop for a full 8-hour workday, you could expect in the range of 200-500MB.

Apse is fully configurable. If you find it takes too much storage, it can be set to delete snapshots after a certain number of days. For space savings, by default images are saved at a lower quality. If you would rather keep full-quality snapshots, you can set that in your configuration as well.

I don't want everything recorded. Can I stop Apse?

Apse has incognito mode. You can stop or restart Apse at any time. You can still search everything with Apse paused. You can also take manual snapshots any time, even if Apse is paused.

How does advanced search work?

Apse supports many advanced search operators. OR, NOT, "exact phrase" queries, and more are supported. See your copy of Apse for more information.

Can I use it with my web browser?

Apse has a Firefox extension! You can manually trigger a snapshot without leaving your browser. Get the extension here.